Most of us are very determined about taking care of our facial skin, hair and even hands but when we talk about feet, they often come on the last priority. We sometimes ignore our feet care for days at a stretch. You must be aware of the dreadful consequences which come with the ignoring of foot care. Nobody likes to experience bacterial/fungal infections, corns, cracked skin, and bad odor. Most importantly, if you are well dressed from top to bottom but your feet are not presentable then its a bad impression of hygiene. So for that, you should include these foot care practices in your schedule:


Tips to keep healthy foot
Feet soaked in hot water

Always clean and scrub your feet with soap and water when you bathe because feet skin is more prone to bacterial/fungal infections since it is cloaked in socks & shoes whole day or exposed to dust. Also, the skin between the toes is the perfect place for fungal infections to thrive.

Tips to keep healthy feet
Pumice stone

Once or twice in a month, it’s always good to pamper your feet. For that soak your feet in hot water for around 10-15 minutes to soften the skin. Then with the help of pumice stone remove the thickened or dead skin followed with a hydrating moisturizer to smoothen the skin.

2. Keep them Dry

Drying your feet is very essential after every wash especially area between the toes because dampness is a perfect environment for bacterial/fungal infections like athlete’s foot to begin. So, keep your feet dry immediately before wearing socks & shoes.

3. Moisturize them

tips to keep healthy feet
Moisturized feet

Lack of moisture can leave your foot skin dry and cracked, especially on the heels. Then, dirt can easily start sticking to it, which obviously is not appealing to anyone. Sometimes, these cracked heels can be painful so make sure you apply generous amount of feet moisturizer every day after washing and drying your feet. Glycerin, cocoa butter or petroleum jelly can be your pick.

4. Wear Socks

Socks not only protect you from the cold but also can be used as a shield to protect your feet against dust and dirt which might stick to the cream applied on the feet. Also, socks can protect your feet against UV rays.

“Prefer to wear cotton or wool socks to avoid sweat because synthetic fibers tend to wick away moisture leaving the feet sweaty.”

5. Wear comfortable Shoes

tips to keep your feet healthy
Choose comfortable shoes

Always wear shoes that you are comfortable in. Wearing tight shoes may lead to skin infections or sores or sometimes, we call it shoe bite. I know every woman likes to wear high heels but wearing them regularly may cause damage to the tissues and ligaments of your skin.

6. Go for Breathable footwear

Always choose those shoes which allow air to circulate to avoid sweaty feet and can keep your feet dry and healthy.

7. Don’t share your Footgear

Avoid sharing your shoes as well as socks. Wearing another person’s footgear can get you fungal infections. Always wear your own footgear to keep your feet healthy.

“Always wash your socks on regular basis and keep your shoes dry and away from bad odor by keeping them in open air for a while. Also, you can keep a brewed tea bag in your each shoe to get away with bad odor.”