Hello Beautiful!!

Putting makeup on top of your face won’t be a tough thing to do if your skin is properly prepped otherwise you’ll end with uneven, patchy coverage that will wear off your makeup way too soon.

So don’t be afraid and just follow these simple basic STEPS and feel the difference.


Alert!! You certainly can’t skip this step. Cleansing, it helps to remove dirt, oil & impurities from the surface of your skin. Whichever cleanser (facewash) suits your skin well, just grab it and gently clean your skin and pat it dry.


Take any non-drying and alcohol-free formula based toner. Then saturate a cotton ball/pad and just wipe on your face. It helps to remove any remaining impurities from your skin and also tightens pores.


Now it’s time to moisturize!! No matter your skin type, this step can’t be ignored even if you are not prepping your skin for makeup application. First know your skin type and pick a moisturizer accordingly. Now, hydrate your skin properly and people having dry skin are need to be extra careful while hydrating so that no flaky skin is visible.


Now that’s the secret behind those girls having perfect , long-lasting makeup. PRIMER!!! This is the most important step which many of you aren’t aware of. Primer helps to create a smooth base by making your skin texture even by hiding pores and smooth lines. 

My Special preference has always been to Gel Based primers. They are very light on skin.

Following these simple steps will make you outshine like many other girls 🙂