Winter is already here so does the problems regarding skin. Cold weather and low humidity levels result in dry air, which then steals the moisture away from our skin everyday. This weather doesn’t spare anybody’s skin but people having very dry skin has to tackle the most. Chapped lips, cracked feet , dry cheeks and what not!!!

I have listed some tips that you can easily include in your daily routine to keep your skin glowing even in winter


winter skincare-steam shower
Steam Shower

I know its very much fascinating to go for hot showers when its chilly outside. But seriously if you love yourself then please just don’t do it. Hot showers dry your skin and also open the skin pores which may develop winter eczema. Also, go for lukewarm water to wash your face.


winter skincare-drink water
Drink Water

As you know the air is drier in winter and as a result it swipes away the moisture from your skin leaving it dry. Hence, you need to keep your skin well hydrated from inside and outside. Drinking lots of water has always been helpful but in winter the water intake decreases. So for that try including high water content fruits like oranges, raspberries, mosambi, melons etc. in your diet.


winter skincare-Moisturizing

Keep moisturizing your skin time to time to prevent dryness. Oil based or butter based moisturizers should be your pick in winter especially. Also, don’t forget to moisturize yourself immediately after having shower to stay away from any kind of skin issues.


don't exfoliate much-winter skincare
Don’t exfoliate much

Exfoliating your skin too much can lead to bad damage because your skin is already undermined due to dry and cold weather. Exfoliating your skin once a week is fine but if you have very dry skin, try to avoid completely.


Apply Sunblock-winter skincare

It feels good to sit under warm sun rays in winter but the UV rays can harm your skin. Then there comes a good sunscreen as a savior. So invest in a good quality sunscreen with an SPF (atleast 40) and include it in your daily skin routine. Always apply sunscreen 15 minutes before stepping out, it gives ample time to your skin to absorb it.


Applying Lip Balm
Applying lip-balm

Chapped lips!! A worst nightmare for anyone. So always keep your lips hydrated with a mild lip balm. Petroleum jelly can be a good pick.


winter skincare-moisturize hand&feet
Moisturizing Hands & Feet

We always take less care of our hands and feet which eventually suffers the most in winter. Our hands have got the thinnest skin as compared to any other body part. So they need little extra care. Keep them moisturized time to time.

If I talk about feet, make sure you scrub the skin of your feet weekly so that it can absorb the moisturizer properly and prevent you from cracked feet. Applying glycerine mixed with rosewater at bedtime will also take good care of your feet.

I hope these little tips can make you glowing in winter as well 🙂